lørdag 17. juni 2017

Weekend Cooking; Top Five Cafés and Restaurants in Bryne

Even though I live in a relatively small town, we're fortunate enough to have a few cafés and restaurants. So if you ever happen to be in Bryne (Norway), here is a list of my top five cafés and restaurants I feel is worth checking out.

Så Takk - One of the newest additions, run by a food blogger and it's located at M44, a shopping center. There is also a selection of coffees and such to bring home.

Kjøkkenet - It's located in Storgata and is probably THE place for a yummy chicken sandwich or coffee while in Bryne.

Unn Deg - Another newcomer and located right beside the railway station.

Møllehagen - One of the fancier restaurants in Bryne and they have really tasty burgers.

Garborgstova - The library café in Bryne, where you can have cake, coffee and Eastern European lunches/dinners.

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