tirsdag 27. juni 2017

Making a Home; Two Good Online Shops for Cheaper Groceries

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I wouldn't say I'm a cheapskate nor one of those people you could see on "Extreme Couponing", but as I've been a student for a few years, I do enjoy to save a few bucks on groceries (I've written a post on How To Save Money on Groceries earlier this year).

Apart from those tricks I listed in that mentioned blog post, I also sometimes purchase groceries from Holdbart.no and Matsmart.no. Both of them specialize at overstock and soon to expire goods and they sell them 20-90% cheaper than the retail price. Holdbart.no has the slogan "Best before, but not bad afterwards", which in a way, summarize the essense of it all. Instead of throwing edible food in the dumpster, they sell it for a cheaper price, which is good both for the wallet and the environment. One example of that it benefits the wallet; if one add up all my savings from my two last orders (one order from each store), I've saved close to $120, which is quite good considering that "everything" is so expensive in Norway.

Part of my last order from Matsmart
Do you have any shops (either online or brick-and-mortar) in a similar style that you like to shop from? Or have you considered purchasing groceries from a shop like that? Feel free to comment below.

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