tirsdag 13. juni 2017

Making a Home; Whole Grain Breadbaking Course at SocialCooking.no

In mid-May I was fortunate enough to attend a course on whole grain breadbaking at Jakob's Brød in Stavanger through SocialCooking.no. I had won a free course through a competition on Facebook, but the course I was originally going to attend was cancelled, so I ended up with a breadbaking course instead (fortunately SocialCooking.no has a lot of interesting courses, so it wasn't a big issue really).

The baker and the bakery, Jakob's brød, has been in Stavanger East for several years and it is one of the few bakeries in Noway which specializes in sourdough. The course I attended was interesting and as a bit of a foodie, I found it a bit cool to be "in the back" of the bakery, where all the baking take place on a regular basis. For those who are really curious about the recipe, you can find it here.

It's maybe worth mentioning that if a cooking and/or baking course sounds interesting and you live near Stavanger, you can check out SocialCooking.no for upcoming courses (I think the ones in the autumn/winter will be published in August). If you are interesting in testing some of the baked goods at Jakob's Brød, the bakery and café is currently located in Haugesundsgata 7 in Stavanger.

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