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Making a Home; Elements of Scandinavian Home Decor

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Growing up, and still living in Norway, I have been slightly drawn to Scandinavian home decor, even though I get influences from various places (and trends, for that matter - I am pretty eclectic). In that respect, I wanted to list a few key elements of Scandinavian home decor, considering it is close to home.

Neutral Colours
Grey, white, beige, brown and black is the most common colours in terms of Scandinavian home decor. The lighter colours do a lot to the interior, and the mood for the inhabitants of the house. Lets face it, at least in my part of Norway, where it rains quite a lot during the autumn and winter, it is essential for us to have something that lights up a bit.

Letting the light in
Speaking of light - another common feature is large windows without dark and heavy drapes to let in all the natural light we can get.

Another element that brings light and air into the Scandinavian home decor is the simplicity, aka lack of clutter and knick-knacks. The statement "less is more" is true in this case and if one think about it - the less clutter, the easier to clean. Simplicity is also shown in furniture design which focus on form and function. It's worth noting that a lot of Scandinavians love double-duty furniture, for instance poufs that functions both as a storage unit and a pouf or living room tables with hidden compartments for (you guessed it) knick-knacks.

Bring in the outdoors
Natural elements is one of my favourite things about Scandinavian home decor. As I mentioned earlier, not all Scandinavians are lucky enough to have nice weather all year around, so bringing a bit of nature indoors helps a bit. A few plants gives a pop of colour and wood are often used from floor to ceilings (no wall-to-wall carpets and plaster walls!).

Natural materials in general
Sheepskin, reindeer skin, wool, ceramics, wood, metal etc are often used to add some texture into the homes (and bringing the infamous nature indoors).

As most of the Scandinavian countries are far from warm during the cold winter months, a fireplice is more or less a must have. When it is a proper autumn/winter storm, it is really nice being indoors under a blanket, looking at the fire.

Is there some of these elements that you like or do you have any thoughts about Scandinavian home decor? Feel free to comment below.

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