fredag 13. juli 2018

Friday Finds; 10 AirBnB Experiences In London To Consider

I've had a weak spot for London since the first time I've visited that city around 20 years ago. It's a city that there's always something new to discover. As I've visited London so many times, it's a bit of "been there, done that" when it comes to the regular tourist trap-places like London Eye, Tower of London etc. Luckily, there's the possibility to travel a little bit "deeper", thanks to AirBnB experiences.

If you want to do and see something a bit different during your stay in London, you could consider one or more of these 10 AirBnB experiences.

tirsdag 10. juli 2018

Making a Home; Tips for Hosting a Garden Party

Are you going to host a garden party this summer? If you are, you are in luck, because today I'll talk a bit about hosting a garden party.

It doesn't need to be too difficult. One major thing is to keep things as simple as possible. Why? Because it is supposed to be fun and nobody wants to be around a stressed out host and nobody wants to be the stressed out host.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels
If you can, prep as much as you can in advance, that includes the food. The more stuff that can be done in advance, the more time you've got for your guests and you can enjoy the party a bit more. Also, don't  be afraid to delegate tasks if you need an extra set of hands.

Here's some links to tickle your inspiration;
How to turn your garden in to an enchanting party venue
10 Party Foods to Make for Your Next Summer Barbecue
Summer Outdoor Dinner Party
Delicious Party Appetizers

Do you have any great tips or ideas for a garden party? Or have you been to one? Feel free to share below.

mandag 9. juli 2018

Menu Plan Monday Week 28

Even though I'm An Organizing Junkie has a small hiatus on the Menu Plan Monday, it doesn't stop me from writing a menu plan nor writing this post. I'm trying to get back into writing posts for this blog and I think that these posts is an okay start.

Photo by Ash from Pexels
Here's my menu plan for the week.
Monday; Heinz tomato soup
Tuesday; Fish gratin
Wednesday; Heinz tomato soup
Thursday; Ovenbaked cod
Friday; Leftovers
Saturday; Lasagna
Sunday; Curry Noodles

Do you have a menu plan? If so, what's on the menu this week? Feel free to share below.

fredag 6. juli 2018

Friday Finds; 6 Places For Your Coffee Fix in Stavanger

I'm not going to deny that I have a weak spot for Stavanger. I've spent a lot of time there, both as a kid and as a grown up. I've got fond memories of visiting my father's aunt living in Stavanger east or in general visiting a bunch of museums with my parents. As an adult I've not only studied in Stavanger, but I'm also currently working at an indie bookstore.

After all that time spent in Stavanger, I do have quite a few favourite spots. Today I wanted to talk about a few of my favourite coffee places in Stavanger.

Coffeeberry (Klubbgata)

Coffeeberry got a vintage feel when it comes to the decor, but they've also got good coffee and great baristas.

Helmer Te&Kaffe (Breigata)

Helmer Te&Kaffe is a combo of a shop and a coffee place with really charming atmosphere. They also have some really cosy benches outside where you can drink your coffee.

 Brostein Kafé (Øvre Strandgate)

Brostein Kafé is really cosy and is situated just across the Norwegian Canning Museum in Old Stavanger, so it's a bit off the beaten path, but still very accessable at a charming location.

Beans on Wheels (various locations)

Beans on Wheels is a coffee bike with really yummy coffee. Once I was lucky enough to try a Snickers Latte. As it is a coffee bike, they don't have a fixed location.

Street Coffee Stavanger (various locations)

Another coffee bike without any fixed location, but you can often find it at Domkirkeplassen during the summer months if the weather allows it.

Espresso House (Byterminalen)

Espresso House is one of my favourite go-to places in Stavanger for coffee. Not only is the coffee good, but the baristas are also really sweet and it has really cool interior. An added bonus is that it's right beside the train station.

tirsdag 3. juli 2018

Making a Home; Storage Options For Small Spaces

I live in a 45 square meter small flat, so it’s not like I have that much space especially with the floor plan in mind. Due to the floor plan, I don’t have enough space for a freaking kitchen/dining table, so when I’m eating, I’m forced to eat it on the couch in the living room area. It’s fair to say that whether or not I want to, I’ve got an excuse for not hosting any dinner parties.

Due to lack of floor space, I’ve learned a few tricks over the years in terms of storage solutions. One of the biggest one is probably don’t buy anything I can’t properly store in my flat. If I don’t have the space for it, I don’t buy it. It might sound a bit harsh, but I do want to see the floor in my flat and I want my flat to look a bit organized and tidy, so there is a purpose behind the thought of not purchasing anything that I can’t store somewhere.

Another thing that I have a big crush on is dual purpose furniture, especially if it is in terms of storage options. The bed FJELL and the foot stool KIVIK, both from IKEA has storage solutions incorporated into the design. Of course one might risk that the storage options end up being full sooner or later, which leads me to a very important point that I talked about earlier in this post; don’t buy stuff you don’t have the space for. It doesn’t help how cute or cheap or whatever it is. If you don’t really like it, need it nor have the space for it, why purchase it?

Great storage solutions for small spaces and small spaces in general for that matter, is dependent on that you don’t have too much stuff/clutter to begin with. I’m not saying go minimalist galore unless you really want to, but I’m saying that it’s important to use your brain and consider everything you bring into your home.

Here is a couple of links for additional great storage solutions for small spaces; 15 Kitchen Organization Ideas and 43 Over The Toilet Storage Ideas For Extra Space

Do you have any great tips or tricks in terms of small space storage? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

mandag 2. juli 2018

Menu Plan Monday Week 27

This blog has been on the backburner for quite some time yet again and I'm sorry about that. I think I'll need to schedule some proper blogging time for this blog. In addition to that, I'm partially lacking a bit of inspiration at times, so if any of you have any great ideas for blog posts you want to see, feel free to let me know.

Regardless of that, I've decided to write a new Menu Plan Monday post thanks to I'm an Organizing Junkie and here is my menu plan for this week.

Monday; Fish Fingers
Tuesday; Spaghetti Bolognese
Wednesday; Leftovers
Thursday; Fish Cakes
Friday; Leftovers
Saturday; Komle
Sunday; Fish Gratin

What's on your menu plan this week? Feel free to share below.