lørdag 17. februar 2018

Weekend Cooking; 10 Slow Cooker Comfort Food Recipes to Try

I love comfort food and I love slow cookers. Today I wanted to combine those two and write a round up of slow cooker comfort food recipes. It's still a bit wintery and using the slow cooker is great as it does the work for you (for the most part, apart from for instance prepping).
Stock photo from Pexels

lørdag 10. februar 2018

Weekend Cooking; Valentine's Day Treats

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As there is a bit of focus on Valentine's Day gifts (I know I'm guilty of that one), I wanted to give you a bit of inspiration in terms of food for that special day. It doesn't have to be as elaborate as the things I'm showcasing, look at it as more of ideas to do your own spin on.

Valentine's Day Treats

tirsdag 6. februar 2018

Making a Home; Hosting a Valentine's Day Party

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Are you hosting a Valentine's Day party and want to have some fun stuff at the party? Feel free to check out the stuff I've listed below.

Champagne Gummy Bears

Prosecco Pong

Gold Heart Party Balloons

Heart Shaped Cork Coasters

Glitter Heart Swizzle Sticks

fredag 2. februar 2018

Friday Finds Gift Guide; Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

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It's getting closer to Valentine's Day. If you are in search of gift ideas for the woman in your life, but are clueless what to buy to her, I've got you covered today, as I'm showing you a few gift ideas that might be suitable.

Personalized Pashmina Shawl

Personalized Turkish Cotton Robe

Lauren Nameplate Necklace

Rose Gold Love Bracelet

3 Piece Pearl Jewelry Set