tirsdag 19. desember 2017

Making a Home; Decorating the Christmas Table With IKEA Items

Yes, I know that I've already written a couple of blog posts about IKEA items this month. To my own defence, IKEA is a great place to purchase "everything" that one needs for the home, which means that one doesn't have to go to multiple stores to get what one is looking for.

Today I wanted to show you some pieces that could easily make your Christmas table a bit Christmassy without breaking the bank (another good thing about IKEA, it's not that expensive, which is a big bonus when it comes to holiday celebrations).

From top left; VÄLBEHÅLL Place matsVINTER 2017 Paper napkinsSMYCKA Artificial flower (red)SMYCKA Aritifical bouquetSMYCKA Artificial flower (white)SOCKER Bucket/flower potFEJKA Artificial flowerVINTER 2017 Champagne glassVINTER 2017 BowlVINTER 2017 Plate and VINTER 2017 Table cloth.

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