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30 Christmas Activities for Couples

In all the Christmas chaos, it's sometimes easy to "forget" the partner. So today I wanted to give you some ideas for "date nights" and other things to do with your partner this Christmas. Personally, I think it's important to sometimes slow down a bit, regardless of whether or not it's Christmas, though it can be okay to slow down a bit with the Christmas chaos.
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Here's the ideas;
1.       Go on a romantic walk through a winter wonderland
2.       See The Nutcracker ballet
3.       Go ice-skating together
4.       Have a snowball fight
5.       Go on a date at Starbucks (or another coffee shop) during the holidays
6.       Visit a Christmas tree farm
7.       Watch a classic Christmas movie and have a huge bowl of popcorn
8.       Play some Christmas music and talk instead of watching TV
9.       Take a drive to look at Christmas lights
10.   Mix a new cocktail together
11.   Go for an evening walk or run on a path that is lit with Christmas lights
12.   On a Saturday or Sunday morning, enjoy coffee in bed with a book or a stack of magazines
13.   Gift each other red underwear to wear during all those Christmas parties you both will attend.
14.   Catch snowflakes on your tongues during the first snowfall during the season
15.   Plan a dinner party with friends or just the two of you
16.   Recreate a favourite childhood Christmas memory, like watching a certain movie or bake cookies.
17.   Do a “hot chocolate critique” where you split on a hot chocolate at five different coffee shops/cafés and rate them in order to find your favourite
18.   Grab the camera and go outside in search for the best Christmas photo location
19.   Have a Christmas gift wrapping party. Get together and wrap all those gifts for friends and family while listening to some Christmas music.
20.   Create a shared Christmas bucket list
21.   Attend a local Christmas tree lighting
22.   Find an awesome sledding hill and go sledding. Go to a local coffee shop for a cup of coffee to warm up afterwards
23.   Check your wardrobe and pull out everything you didn’t wear last autumn/winter and donate them to the local Goodwill or similar
24.   Snuggle together under a blanket next to a real crackling fire while reading Christmas stories together
25.   Make an advent calendar for each other
26.   Bake Christmas cookies together
27.   Make a music playlist for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day
28.   Pick a Christmas tradition from another part of the world and try it this year
29.   Do an anonymous act of kindness for a friend or a family member

30.   Invite friends over for an ugly sweater party

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