fredag 1. desember 2017

Friday Finds; Items For a Pick-Me-Up Christmas Basket

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Christmas sometimes includes a lot of stress and buying gifts can be one of those stress factors. I know that first hand after I've worked at a bookstore (at a shopping center) before Christmas once. As a side note of that, please be nice to those who work in retail during the holiday, they have to be on their best behaviour the entire shift, even with the rude costumers who make Ebenezer Scrooge seem like a nice bloke in comparison.

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Apart from my own rule of being finished with all Christmas gift purchases before December 1st, I sometimes make multiple gift baskets with the same "theme" so I can purchase items in bulk. It makes it all a more bearable and I avoid the pre-Christmas chaos.

Considering the stress that the holidays sometimes can be, why not make a pick-me-up Christmas basket as gift(s)? All of the items I want to share with you today can be purchased in bulk at iHerb and you can get a discount if you order a certain quantity, so you don't even need to leave the house aside from picking up the package at the post office (yay, even though it's of course important to shop at small local independent shops as well).

Some items that would work great in a pick-me-up Christmas basket includes;
Twinings Christmas Tea
Moroccan Mint Tea
Peppermint & Tangerine Foot Soak
Shea Butter Soap
Way Out Wax Tea Lights

Do you have any great tips on themed Christmas baskets? Or do you have any thoughts in general about them? Feel free to share below in the comment section.

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