tirsdag 5. desember 2017

Making a Home; 15 Christmas Crafts To Make This Season

I’m not going to deny that I enjoy Christmas. I also enjoy doing crafts. That means that Christmas crafts is seriously fun. At least for me, doing craft projects can be a bit calming (look at is as a sort of mindfulness). In some cases, the results of a crafty afternoon means having a pile of handmade and personal Christmas gifts one can give to family, friends and other loved ones. Also, the good thing is that it can be as cheap or as expensive as one makes it. And let’s face it; a lot of times a cheaper, yet thoughtful handmade gift can be a lot more valuable for the recipient rather than the expensive gift purchased last minute because one had no clue what to buy.
Stock photo from Pexels
Today I wanted to share a round up of 15 Christmas crafts one could make this season. Some are kid-friendly, while others are probably more suitable for adults. Luckily all of them are suitable as Christmas gifts, so if you make some of them, you can potentially tick off one (or several) gifts off the dreaded Christmas gift list.

Here's the list of Christmas crafts;

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