fredag 15. desember 2017

Friday Finds; A Collection of Free Printable Gift Tags

Probably one of my probably biggest fears when I'm going to wrap Christmas gifts is to find out that I don't have any gift tags and therefore cannot wrap the gifts until I've got my hands on some.

Considering that there's a fair chance that others might have encountered this panic as well, I decided that today I wanted to write a small list of blogs etc where you can download free printable gift tags. All of them look pretty and it's just an added bonus that they're all free, so there's one less thing to spend money on, as I guess most of us spend some money on Christmas anyway.
Stock photo from Pexels
So here's my little list;
Holly Jolly Christmas Printable
Downloadable Gift Tags
Cutest Ever Printable Christmas Tags
Cute Christmas Tags
FREE Printable Chalkboard Christmas Tags
16 Illustrated Christmas Gift Tags
Handmade Holiday Gift Tags
Woodland Christmas Gift Tags
Holiday Gift Tags
Naughty Or Nice Gift Tags
Special Delivery From Santa Gift Tags

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