tirsdag 12. september 2017

Making a Home; 20 Autumn Crafts To Lighten Up This Season

The evenings gets darker more quickly already, which means that a lot of us spend more time indoors. If you are like me, which means having a weakness for crafting, those darker evenings make a nice excuse to do a bit.

If you are looking for some new ideas, I've found 20 autumn crafts one could do. Some of them might be kid-friendly while others would work very well as gifts (an early start on Christmas gifts maybe?). Feel free to check them out if you like.
Stock photo from Pexels

  1. Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder
  2. DIY Hot Cocoa Gift Bags! {Homemade Gift Idea}
  3. Fall Wreath Tutorial
  4. Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub Recipe! {Gift in a Jar}
  5. Knitted Acorn
  6. Fall Wreaths with Acorns
  7. Acorn Bird Feeder Tutorial
  8. Ombre Pinecone Tutorial
  9. Burlap and Feather Wrapped Mason Jars
  10. Fall Mason Jar Vases
  11. Corn Husk Mason Jar
  12. Easy Fall Leaf Banner
  13. DIY Pumpkin Jars
  14. DIY Napkin Ring
  15. Rustic Fall Twig Wreath Tutorial
  16. Fall Cookies in a Jar Gift
  17. Apple Stamping Craft Idea
  18. Free Fall Adult Colouring Pages
  19. How To Make Plush Velvet Pumpkins
  20. Pinecone Hedgehogs
Do you like to do more crafts when it's getting darker and colder? Or do you have any great autumn-inspired craft ideas? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. I love this list of crafts -- especially that acorn wreath! I'm so glad that Fall is close so that I can get crafty in all of those beautiful colors.

    1. Thanks for the comment. :-) The acorn wreath was one of my favourites as well.

  2. What a great list! I love crafting & anything that involves mason jars :)) Candles, gifts in jars, vases...I'm in! Thanks for sharing these amazing creations <3

    1. Thanks for a nice comment. Mason jars are fun! :-D

  3. These are so neat! Thanks for sharing!