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100 Things To Do This Autumn

Autumn is certainly my favourite season. There is something about the beautiful colours on the leaves, the crisp air and "everything" that relates to this very season. Though I can't deny the fact that the days are getting shorter and sometimes we all need a bit of a pick-me-up. In order to keep the spirits up a bit, I wanted to share with you 100 things to do this autumn (no need to do them all of course - pick and choose as you like). If you want, you can even do it a bit "fancy" by making a bucket list out of it by using one of these printable; Autumn Bucket List Printable or Autumn Fun - A Bucket List.
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Here's the 100 things to do this autumn.

1.       Go apple-picking
2.       Get a neutral mani/pedi
3.       Go for a hike (bring the camera)
4.       Wear braids
5.       Unwind with a spa day
6.       Snuggle into a cozy scarf
7.       Indulge in a pumpkin spice latte
8.       Do some autumn crafts
9.       Visit a pumpkin patch
10.   Go pumpkin picking
11.   Go on a hayride
12.   Carve a pumpkin
13.   Make a Halloween costume
14.   Do some Halloween crafts
15.   Bake Halloween treats
16.   Trick or treating
17.   Watch horror movies
18.   Drink spiced apple cider
19.   Visit a farmers market
20.   Make s’mores
21.   Make caramel apples
22.   Host a bonfire
23.   Bake autumn cookies
24.   Bake pies
25.   Make leaf art
26.   Visit a chocolate factory
27.   Drink hot chocolate
28.   Roast marshmallows
29.   Read outside
30.   Eat corn on the cob
31.   Visit a farm
32.   Have a road trip
33.   Go horseback-riding
34.   Make a front door wreath
35.   Have a picnic in the park
36.   Rake leaves for a neighbour
37.   Make a breakfast casserole
38.   Knit a scarf
39.   Bake apple muffins
40.   Visit a haunted house
41.   Try a new flavour of coffee
42.   Make chilli
43.   Do a random act of kindness
44.   Burn some new candles
45.   Visit the library
46.   Enjoy a foggy morning walk
47.   Watch an autumn movie
48.   Jump in leaf piles
49.   Go on a bike ride
50.   Volunteer at a food pantry
51.   Join a book club
52.   Watch a sunset/sunrise
53.   Host a board game night
54.   Stuff a scarecrow
55.   Go backyard camping
56.   Decorate your porch with autumn flair
57.   Take an autumn foliage drive
58.   Stay in a B&B with views of foliage
59.   Visit a local candle shop
60.   Bring fresh pie to a neighbour
61.   Bundle up in your favourite sweater, scarf and boots
62.   Have an autumn canning party
63.   Go for a weekend getaway in the mountains
64.   Open the windows to get the crisp autumn air in
65.   Plant flower bulbs
66.   Take photos and frame
67.   Donate food to a food pantry/bank
68.   Cuddle under comfy blankets
69.   Buy sunflowers
70.   Roast pumpkin seeds
71.   Bake bread
72.   Make French Toast
73.   Play in the leaves
74.   Cuddle by a fire
75.   Have an autumn photo shoot
76.   Decorate for autumn
77.   Buy autumn nail polish
78.   Rent a cabin for the weekend
79.   Bring seasonal coffee to a friend or a family member
80.   Find a favourite autumnal candle
81.   Read a good book curled up on the sofa
82.   Light a fire in the fireplace
83.   Host an autumn brunch
84.   Kiss in the rain
85.   Ogle a guy in a peacoat
86.   Buy new school supplies
87.   Dress up in layers and leggings
88.   Share scary stories by a bonfire
89.   Splash in puddles
90.   Stay warm in cosy cardigans
91.   Decorate your front door
92.   Read by the fire
93.   Host a chilli cook-off
94.   Shop for new autumn clothes
95.   Have a backyard campfire
96.   Breathe in the scent of firewood
97.   Go to a Halloween party
98.   Have an autumn date
99.   Stargaze
100.                       Make soup

Do you have any other good ideas on what to do this autumn? Have you ever done any of the things mentioned? Or do you have a fond autumn memory? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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