lørdag 16. september 2017

Weekend Cooking; 16 Sheet Pan Dinners

Sometimes we all are in need of some quick and easy dinners which doesn't require too much clean up afterwards. Enter sheet pan dinners and today I wanted to share with you some recipes that I've found.

Did I mention that sheet pan dinners are simple and easy? Yes. Did I also mention that most of these recipes includes veggies, which means you can get some of the nutrients that one needs? No, but now I did, which means that the recipes are not only simple and easy, but also (somewhat) healthy.

Stock photo from Pexels

Here's the recipes;
Honey Glazed Salmon
Maple Salmon
Mustard Salmon
One Sheet Pan Garlic Roasted Salmon with Brussels Sprouts
One Tray Spicy Brown Sugar Salmon With Vegetables
Sheet Pan Teriyaki Salmon
Sheet Pan Baked Blackened Tilapia With Zucchini
Sheet Pan Steak with Potatoes and Broccoli
Sheet Pan Mini Meatloaf With Potatoes And Green Beans
Parmesan Chicken
Peanut Chicken
Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner with Green Beans and Feta
Sheet Pan Honey Apricot Chicken and Asparagus
Sheet Pan Bruschetta Chicken
Easy Sheet Pan Cashew Chicken
One Pan Honey Lemon Chicken Asparagus

Have you ever made sheet pan dinners? If you have, do you have a favourite go-to recipe? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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