onsdag 9. august 2017

How to Set More Manageable Goals

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone (myself included) state “I wish.....” there is a fair chance I would be rich. Whether someone wants a new job, to lose weight, or whatever, people usually want something.

For example, throughout my teenage years I wanted to go to university. Unfortunately I failed a couple of classes my senior year at high school and I tried to re-do them, but failed yet again. I ended up working for a few years, before I then found out a way to apply to university, even with a few classes missing from high school. I tried one year, didn’t get accepted, tried the next year and managed to get in. Now I have a Bachelor degree, majoring in English language and literature. The moral of this story is if you turn your dream into a goal, there is bigger chance of accomplishment.

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Now, how to we make manageable goals? Not all techniques work for everyone, but I will go through some things that might help a bit. Part of the reason why there is such a big rush of new members at the gym in January and February is due to New Year resolutions, but a lot of people haven’t thought things through properly and often start to fall out when winter turns into spring.

First of all, the goal is better if it is specific. “I want to be skinny” is too vague, whereas “I want to lose 20 pounds” are specific.

I find it important to have a “why” as well, partially for motivation. Let’s face it, if one doesn’t have the motivation to lose 20 pounds, there is a big possibility that one will fail. Find your (good) reasons why you want to accomplish something, it will help out A LOT.

To meet the big goal (let’s say get a new job), it will be easier to achieve it if you set up smaller, partial goals. Look at those partial goals as stepping stones. For instance, if one set the big goal of getting a new job, some of the partial goals could be;
  • Apply for X jobs in one month
  • Follow up e-mails/phone X of those applications to check for a possibility of a job interview
  • Go to X job interviews

Consistency is another big factor in achieving a goal. If one wants to lose those 20 pounds, one can’t give up after two weeks.

The last thing I want to talk about is relevance. You got to set the goal FOR YOU, not to please your parents/spouse or society.

Do you have any big goals at the moment and do you have any good tips on how to achieve goals? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. I like your idea on being specific! This is important I think :)

    1. Personally I think it's important, because let's face it, if one isn't, how would one know for certain that one has completed the goal? I also think it helps find the focus on what one really wants to achieve. :-)