torsdag 17. august 2017

Thursday Movie Picks; Rescue

It's Thursday again and time for a new Thursday Movie Picks post, thanks to the blogger behind Wandering Through The Shelves. The theme of the week was "rescue" and here are my picks.

Schindler's List; About a man trying to rescue Jews during WW2.

Saving Private Ryan; A group of US soldiers who go behind enemy lines to save one of their own.

Behind Enemy Lines; The plane to Chris Burnett is shot down and manages to get photographic evidence of genocide in the Balkans. His commanding officer go against orders to rescue him.

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  1. I have seen all,these films. Schindler's List should be required viewing in all schools. It is a superlative work of art in my opinion and truly showcases the horrors that befell the Jewish( plus others) people. Saving Ryan's privates...sorry:) the first 20 minutes is excellent and I don't mind the movie but I didn't appreciate the subtle references that Canada held them back. That pisses me off actually. The last movie is a good thrill and quite entertaining.