tirsdag 1. august 2017

Making a Home; 10 Cute To-Do Lists That Will Aid Your Planning

I have no issues admitting that I genuinly love making lists and being organized in general. Having ADD, making lists and trying to be organized the best I can aid me a lot so I don't end up being a total messyhead (I've written a post earlier called How am I Getting Organized This Year). Either with or without ADD life can be hectic at times, so today I wanted to share with you some links to places where you can download some fun to-do lists.

Stock photo from Pexels
Here is the places where you can find some fun to-do lists.
Free Printable Watercolor To Do List
May Giveaway: Daily To Do List Printable
Personal Size To Do List: Coffee! [printable]
A Fun "To Do" List
Freebie: To Do List Printable
Making a To-Do List
Free printables: To do list
Goal Cards For The New Year
Making To Do Lists Fun
10 to-do lists as pretty as they are useful

Do you write to-do lists? Or do you have any other great tricks for getting stuff done? Feel free to comment below.

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