lørdag 12. august 2017

Weekend Cooking; Over Two Month's Worth of Bento Box Lunch Ideas

In last week's Weekend Cooking post, I talked about how practical it can be to bring your own lunch with you to school or to work and I had a "general" list of lunch ideas. This week on the other hand, it's all about bento boxes. Yes, indeed those boxes with vibrant colours and often cute design. The recipes I will share is mainly focused on kids, but if you as an adult feel drawn to them (I know I do), I will not judge.

Stock photo from Pexels
Simple Onigiri Recipe
12 Bento Box Lunch Ideas to Get You Through the Week
Real Food Bento Box Round Up
50 Bento Box Lunch Ideas
23 Easy & Adorable Back-to-School Bento Box Lunches
17 Easy Vegetarian Bento Box Lunches Anyone Can Make
25 Healthy and Photo-Worthy Bento Box Lunch Ideas
Bento Box Lunch Ideas + Cheat Sheet
How to Make Bento
Out of the box. 6 more bento ideas
16 Days of Bento Lunch Boxes
10 Minute Autumn Lunch

Do you make/eat bento boxes and have any good tips or resources? Feel free to comment below.

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