torsdag 29. desember 2016

Writing a Five Year Plan

The years between finishing high school and starting at university was basically a big mess, going from job to job and sometimes being unemployed (NOT fun) and I honestly felt I was only existing, not living. It was only when I found out I had ADD and non-verbal learning disorder I saw a tiny light in the end of the tunnel. A bigger light came when I finally got accepted into university for an undergrad degree, majoring in English language and literature.

For the first time in YEARS I could finally look a bit ahead and not just day by day/month by month. I also finally got a bit of a hope that I could actually achieve something. Now I'm in my final year at my undergrad degree and I've written the first draft of a five year plan, starting in 2017, so that I can work a bit more on myself, which I felt that I was unable to do during the years inbetween high school and university.

Some of my goals on my five year plan includes finishing my undergrad degree (obviously), take a couple of Coursera courses, get CELTA certified, get a (permanent) job and keep it, write/publish a novel, volunteer, save cash for an MA degree, and obtain a driver's license (even at the age of 28 I still don't have it).

I might sound a bit ludacris, but before starting at university, I felt as if I was in a limbo state and that I now finally can allow myself to dream and have goals for my future. I think a lot of people could potentially benefit from writing a five year plan so they feel that they have something to work towards, especially if they are in a similar situation I was in earlier.

A couple of blog posts that I found helpful writing my five year plan was this one and this one.

Have you written a five year plan or have been thinking about writing one? Regardless of the answer, never be afraid to dream (big).

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