søndag 1. januar 2017

Weekly Happiness Week 52

Due to the chaos with both final exams and Christmas right afterwards I struggled to find enough time to write blog posts for a while, apart from the ones that was already planned and written. Now, with a new year (gosh, where did the time go?), I figured out I wanted to get back on track. To start the new year in a positive way, here is some of the things that put a smile on my face recently.

My December book haul

My sweet little buddy who loves to cuddle

Coffee at a local café

I ordered the crime novel "The Iron Ghost" and the coffee specially made for that release online on Dec 26th, and the day afterwards it arrived in my mailbox in a pretty gift bag, due to the fact that the author lives nearby (that is what you call speedy delivery and good customer service)

Shopping at a pop-up store for a local publisher

Dogsitting my father's Leonberger

Celebrating Christmas with my grandparents
The Christmas gifts I recieved
Getting C on both of my final exams this term
Drinking Prosecco at New Year's Eve

And plenty of other stuff.

What has put a smile on your face lately?

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