torsdag 8. desember 2016

Christmas Gifts That Give More

Has everyone started the shopping for Christmas gifts, started to think about them, or are you like me, who is already finished? Finding the "right" gift is often a bit of a challenge, especially if you're going to buy something for someone who has "everything" (I guess we all have at least one person like that on our list).

In order to give you guys a bit of inspiration, I wanted to share with you some charities that you can donate to (and potentially get a symbolic card to give) and/or some actual physical gifts to to purchase. Considering we live in the age of consumerism, I think it's okay to actually give some thoughtful gifts that give a bit more. Not that I say it's wrong with "regular" gifts, but personally I enjoy both giving and recieving gifts that has a thought behind it and I am a big sucker for charities that do good stuff.

I have divided the list into two sections - one for my Norwegian readers and one for my international readers, so no one feels left out (and I'm not saying that my Norwegian readers can't purchase anything from the international ones or vice versa). I could also might mention that this list is a bit for inspiration, so if you want to purchase holiday gifts from a different charity, feel free to do so as I know this list is loaded with animal charities.

Røde Kors
Redd Barna
Kirkens Nødhjelp

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
Blind Cat Rescue
The Donkey Sanctuary
Wild Cat Sanctuary
Bat World Sanctuary
Bear With Us
Shadowland Foundation
Snow Leopard Trust

An addition is the 2017 calendar from a Canine Epilepsy charity, but I'm not quite sure if it's up for sale yet.

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