mandag 12. desember 2016

Menu Plan Monday Week 50

New week and therefore it is probably time for a new Menu Plan Monday post, thanks to the lovely blogger Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. This week is my first full week of Christmas break, as I had my last final oral exam on Wednesday (and I've already got the result; I got C.).

At the moment I'm having a bit of trying to use some of the stuff that I've already got in my pantry, freezer and so on, just to try and clear some space, esp. considering that I ordered something from, a Norwegian brick-and-mortar AND online store for overstock groceries and soon past the expiration date, yet still edible/usable goods (yay for ordering 30 packs of noodles for 19 cents a piece, or $5,79 total, which is basically a great bargain when you're a student in Norway. Come on, it's dinner for a month under $6).

I'll probably write a very own post about after I've picked up the package at the post office. Now, over to write about what I was supposed to write about, this week's menu plan.

Here it is;
Monday; Leftovers from Sunday
Tuesday; Fish Fingers
Wednesday; Spaghetti Bolognese
Thursday; Leftovers from Wednesday
Friday; Fish Fingers
Saturday; Thai Red Curry Soup
Sunday; Fish Fingers

Other; I will probably make Slow Cooker Spiced Mulled Wine.

Do you have a menu plan for this week/month?

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