torsdag 20. desember 2018

How I Decorate For Christmas

I would guess most of us have decorated a bit for Christmas at the moment. At least I've done it, even if my flat is fairly small.

Due to the fact that my flat is pretty small, I don't have any room for a Christmas tree. Instead, I've focused on putting some decor on my living room table instead. Sometimes a little goes a long way, as long as one gets a Christmas vibe out of it. It doesn't have to look like Santa's living room in order to have a "proper" Christmas vibe.

Of course, an added bonus of just a little bit of decor is that it makes packing it away after Christmas so much easier. Feel free to call me a bit lazy if you want.

Luckily I also have some Christmas-themed napkins and mugs for some extra Christmas vibe, in addition to a framed art printable hanging in my entrance (the art printable, not the mugs and napkins).

 How have you decorated for Christmas? Feel free to comment below.

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