fredag 14. desember 2018

Friday Finds; Gifts on a Budget

(This post contains affiliate links.)

Christmas often means expenses, unfortunately, and sometimes we all can be on a tight budget. So, what to do when you need to buy Christmas gifts? Aside from doing the hard line of reducing the number of people you're going to buy gifts for, you can in addition to that, buy items in a bulk (think multi packs of tea etc).

Stock photo from Pexels
A great place to purchase items is iHerb and I'm guilty as charged in terms of buying Christmas gifts there. A good thing about iHerb is that they've also got quantity discount on a number of items, so in some cases you can get an even bigger discount if you actually combine a multi pack of something with quanitity discount (buying two multi packs, instead of one).

Now, I want to give you a short list for inspiration in terms of Christmas gifts you can buy from iHerb. A cool thing you can do, is purchasing several different items and make cute gift baskets. Doesn't it sound nice to do one online order and actually buy multiple Christmas gifts at once? It certainly cuts the stress a bit.

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