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How Do I Plan My Christmas?

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As I'm single and childfree apart from being a "catmom", I see that I have a bit less stress during the Christmas season. It doesn't mean that I don't have things to do though, whether it's baking, gift shopping and other random things.

One of the major things that reduce the stress during Christmas for me, is planning a bit ahead. One thing that I do is having the rule of being finished purchasing all Christmas gifts before December 1st. I might sound a bit crazy for doing it, but personally I don't find it too much fun spending time at a shopping center in December due to the stressed out crowds. And why on Earth procastinate on the gifts if I accidentally come across something that I know would suit X perfectly in July? It also helps me a bit economically buying Christmas gifts throughout the year instead of waiting until December. Instead of spending a chunk of money at once, it's a bit here and there. An added bonus is that I get more time to think on the gifts and actually give more thoughtful gifts rather than something purchased in a last minute panic.

With the time freed from Christmas gift purchasing, I get the chance of relaxing and have a bit of fun during the holidays. I love to bake, so each year I bake some kind of Christmas treats. It varies a bit from year to year what I bake, but I often make Norwegian Cookie Men (Kakemenn), which is more or less a Christmas staple in my flat.

Recent years, I've also made a Christmas "bucket list", where I write down various Christmas related activities I want to do. I try having a varied list, whether it's reading a Christmas-themed book, donating unwanted clothes to charity and what-not. I try to have a bit of a balance between doing something for myself and random acts of kindness or similar. As Christmas often is a bit of "me, me, me" time, I think it's important opening the eyes and spread the love.

As I'm a huge lover of lists, I tend to write down "everything", so if you're in search of some printable lists to aid you during the holiday season, feel free to check out these ones.
How do you plan your Christmas? And do you have control of all the things you need to do? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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