torsdag 1. november 2018

Sirdal - One Of My Favourite Placed to Travel in the Autumn

I'm fortunate enough that my grandparents have a small cabin in the mountains, near Tonstad in Sirdal (Norway). As a kid, I've spent many summer vacations there, so I've got plenty of happy childhood memories of that place. As an adult I haven't spent that much time there, even though I love it, as life got a bit in the way.

Fortunately my grandmother and I visited the cabin a few weeks ago and even though a few things have changed since I was a kid, it's mostly the same. There's also the beauty of the autumn, with the pretty colours of the changing leaves and the smell of the mountains and the forest. When we were there, we also stopped by the bakery down at Tonstad, which has AMAZING food (and a really yummy mocca, just saying).

I'm not going to deny that I'm an autumn girl and I love spending some time in the inland or the mountains during the autumn, as the colours are more vibrant there, compared to the coast.

Do you have a favourite place to visit during the autumn? Feel free to share below.

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