fredag 30. november 2018

Friday Finds; Advent Calendar Printables

Do you still need to do the finishing touches on the advent calendar(s)? In that case, or if you want some inspiration for the calendar of next year, I've got you covered today as I'm going to share with you some advent calendar printables.

I've got fond memories myself of having an advent calendar as a kid, but I feel that there's so many fun and visually interesting calendars today. A lot of them being a DIY.

The calendars I'm linking to are a mix of "total package" where you don't need to wrap up the gifts, some where there's just calendar tags and some with activities. That means that several needs are covered, depending on what you're in search for.

Stock photo from Pexels
Here's the printables for you to enjoy.
Free Advent Calendar
Santa Advent Calendar
Winter Wonderland Advent Calender
Vintage Advent Calendar
Printable Advent Calendar Activity Cards
Advent Calendar Countdown Tags
Advent Calendar Houses
Advent Calendar with Free Printables

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