tirsdag 9. januar 2018

Making a Home; Organizing Your Closet

It's the second week of January and as a lot of us wants to have a clean slate in their homes (and lives), I wanted to share with you some ideas on how to organize your closet today.

I can admit that I could be a bit better when it comes to have my closet super-organized. Yes, I know, feel free to laugh considering that I have room for improvement and actually write a blog post on how to organize a closet. Look at it as a bit of inspiration (or kick in the rear and actually organize it a bit more). To my own defence, my closet isn't super messy, it just need some smaller adjustments. I'm only human, alright?

Now, just to start on the ideas on how to organize a closet.

While organizing the closet, it is important to actually remove the stuff you don't longer want/need. There is no point in keeping the clutter, so feel free to ask these questions in terms of all the clothes you've got. Those you don't longer want, you could donate, sell or throw away, depending on the condition.

Now, after purging, sort the stuff you're going to keep and divide them by category. Having for instance all sweaters, tank tops, skirts, jeans and whatnot seperate in their own piles/space make it so much easier to find whatever it is that you're searching for.

Et innlegg delt av Janine Lowe (@janinelowe1)
If you have some scarves, necklaces etc, I found this idea a bit cute. 

Et innlegg delt av #WARDROBEGANG (@wardrobegang)
Here it is a bit more illustrated what I meant with keeping similar pieces together. You could also colour-coordinate a bit, placing all pieces in same/similar shade together.

If you want some further ideas, feel free to check out the post called How to Organize Your Wardrobe at Outside the Box Organisation Solutions. 

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