tirsdag 16. januar 2018

Making a Home; Home Office Organization

I'm one of those that needs a clutter-free desk in order to function at my home office, with everything neatly organized. If you are in search of some home office organization ideas, I've got you covered as today I'm going to share with you some inspiration and ideas.

For me, a good filing system is really important. Not only can one find the needed papers quickly, whether it is insurance, bills and what-not, but it enables you to keep a system. 

Well, one does need someplace to store the filing system and other random home office items so the office can be clutter-free, so a storage unit of some kind is essential.

Magazine holders are great for storage and having a system.

 Just remember to have a routine in terms of tidying up your home office. There is no point in having fancy storage solutions if you don't tidy up-routine.

For more inspiration, feel free to check out 9 Home Office Organization Tips - Time for an Intervention.

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