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Making a Home; How to Organize Your Kitchen

I love to have an organized home, no doubt about it. Personally I find it easier to work and do everyday business easier if things are organized and I know where everything is. That being said, there is sometimes a difference between good organization and bad organization. Even though you've got all your paperwork in one gigantic pile, it might not be the best option.

As it is a new year and a lot of people want a clean slate, I decided I wanted to share with you some ideas in terms of organization. Today I'm goig to tackle the kitchen.

Et innlegg delt av Kitchen Magic (@kitchen.magic.inc)
One great option for all your pots and pans could be having rollout base cabinets. As mentioned in the caption, it allows you to utilize more of the space, plus the items are easier to access. Basically it's a win-win situation.

Vertically store the knives with a magnetic knife holder is another nifty idea. You can free up some countertop space, yet have easy access to them.

Speaking of vertical storage, not only do you clear the countertop surface, but it does also give a lot more work space and it can sometimes be a bit of a decoration in itself.

For me, a key element in kitchen organization is to have enough containers. Another big bonus is if they happen to be stackable, so they take up a bit less space.

 Speaking of organizing stuff and stackability, I think these stackable metal baskets would work wonders in terms of kitchen organization.

With this layout, it's organized, visual and therefore, all items are easy to find.

In order to make things a lot easier, you could consider to label stuff. Chalkboard labels are pretty neat, as you can write and re-write on them, depending on what you have in the containers.

 So here you've got it, a few ways to make your kitchen more organized. A final note would be to don't have more stuff than what you need. This isn't limited to the kitchen though, but as a general note. Let's face it, there's no point in having fancy gadgets and so on if one never uses uses it.

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