torsdag 10. november 2016

Pros and Cons of Shopping

I have a confession to make; I have a slight dislike towards going shopping for clothes. Now I’ve finally busted a myth that bloggers (and women) love hanging out on the mall, spending HOURS on shopping for clothes. Weird, huh? I guess we’re all different after all. While some like mindless wandering around checking out everything, I have a list of things I need, go in search of it, find it, buy it and get out as soon as I can. In worst case scenario, I try the piece before purchase, but that is rare (unless we’re talking jeans and tight fitting dresses as I struggle to find something that fit me as I’m plus sized).

Luckily there is a thing called online shopping, which means I can purchase a lot of those items that I don’t need to try on before purchase in peace and quiet without being surrounded by a bunch of other shoppers. It’s not that I dismiss brick-and-mortar shops, by all means, as I often use them as well, but for an introvert, online shopping can occasionally be a good thing. Some online shops have even free shipping, and possibly return as well.

Just as a small note when it comes to brick-and-mortar shops; do use them, especially the local and independent ones, as they are in need of costumers in order to survive. For instance, a couple of my favourite local independent shops in my area include a coffee and tea shop and a Middle Eastern/Asian grocery store and in both shops, I get really good customer service. Often the independent shops go the extra mile to keep their customers and it does show.

But back to online shopping; a couple of my favourite stores (when it comes to clothes and assecoirs) include Etsy, Zalando, Indiska, Nelly and beyondBeanie. The latter one is totally awesome, as they use local artisans to make their items and they donate to charity; one bracelet means dental care for one child, for instance.

My main point here could possibly be; feel free to use online shops (at least don’t be scared of them), but please remember to use the brick-and-mortar shops as well, as people are dependent on having a job. It’s all about balance, one doesn’t exclude the other. Some things you could only find at online stores and some things you could only find at brick-and-mortar shops.

Just to finish things off; here is a couple of tops I got in the mail today from Zalando.

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  1. Cute clothes! Do you find that Zalando fits true to size? I'm a 56 and it's REALLY hard to find clothes up here. I've gotten lucky at one of my favorite thrift stores but it's hard to find stuff.

    1. Thanks, Chava. When it comes to Zalando, it depends a bit on the brand, as they've got at least 100 (?) brands in store when it comes to the sizing, as I sometimes have the same stuggle (even more pain in the arse as I'm plus sized). I would probably recommend checking out potential reviews of the individual pieces of clothing that you're interested in.

      Though, some of the brands that I find okay is Vila, Only, Anna Field and Dorothy Perkins, but I can't promise you'll like them. :-)

    2. Thanks! :D I appreciate the info! :)