tirsdag 8. november 2016

Making a Home; Round Up of Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids + A Few For Adults

I almost feel a bit sacrilegious for writing the first blog post about Christmas in November, but since it is one of the biggest holidays, probably the biggest holiday in Norway at least, it sometimes needs a bit of planning. One of the things that could be okay to think about even in November, is the advent calendar if you're going to have one.

So in order to save some stress, and give you parents a bit of inspiration ahead of time, here comes a round up of advent calendar ideas. I decided to give you a variety of ideas, from reverse advent calendars to activity and Christmas book calendars and a lot in between, as no family is the same. Who knows, maybe you get the inspiration to switch it up a bit?

Mostly for the kids;
Reverse Advent Calendar
Book Advent Calendar
Bookish Christmas Countdown
Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar
Printable Advent Calendar Activity Cards
How to Make a Family Activity Advent Calendar
25 Days Of Family Christmas Activities
Easy DIY Advent Calendar Jar + 35 Advent Calendar Ideas
Children's Advent Calendar Printable
DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
Free Printable Vintage Advent Calendar
Free Printable Advent Calendar Treat Bag Kit
33 Clever And Adorable DIY Advent Calendars
25 Advent Calendars
35 DIY Advent Calendars to Make Now So You're Ready for December

Adult advent calendars;
12 Days of Christmas for Your Spouse
12 Sexy Days of Christmas
Daddy's Advent Calendar
Tea Envelope Advent Calendar

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