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100 Things To Do This Christmas Season

December is coming pretty soon and I wanted to give you some ideas of activities to do during the Christmas season. Some of them are perhaps most suitable either for kids, families, singles or couples, but it's up to you if you want to do any of the ideas listed. If you're planning on doing an "activity advent calendar" I'm sure you can get a bit of inspiration from this list.

And don't worry, not even I have all the time in the world to do all the 100 ideas on this list, and it's unlikely that I will do those involving snow, as my area of Norway isn't "spoiled" with a lot of snow.

Here is the list of 100 things to do this Christmas season.
  1. Host a Christmas pot luck
  2. Make mulled wine
  3. Bake Christmas cookies
  4. Make a gingerbread house
  5. Make edible Christmas gifts
  6. Make homemade Christmas gifts (not edible)
  7. Make snow lanterns
  8. Play in the snow (if you're lucky enough to have snow in your area)
  9. Make snow angels
  10. Build a snowman
  11. Have a snow ball fight
  12. Take photos in the snow
  13. Go caroling
  14. Listen to Christmas songs
  15. Go iceskating
  16. Have a picnic inside by the Christmas tree
  17. Find the sleeping bags and have a sleepover by the Christmas tree
  18. Put up decorations
  19. Do holiday inspired crafts
  20. Take a walk in nature (feel free to bring the camera along!)
  21. Take a drive to look at Christmas lights/decorations
  22. Drink hot chocolate with marshmellows
  23. Watch a Christmas movie
  24. Have a Christmas movie marathon
  25. Read a Christmas-themed book
  26. Have a Christmas readathon
  27. Get your photo taken with Santa
  28. Decorate the Christmas tree
  29. Host a cookie exchange/decorating party
  30. Take cookies/gifts to family, friends, etc
  31. Serve at a soup kitchen
  32. Go sledding (with or without dogs)
  33. Attend a local Christmas festival/market
  34. Write a letter to Santa
  35. Make paper snowflakes
  36. Experience a Christmas tree lighting ceremony
  37. Dress up
  38. Make New Year's resolutions
  39. Have a pot luck dinner with old friends
  40. Plant indoor flower bulbs
  41. Make your own Christmas wrapping paper and/or gift tags
  42. Go see The Nutcracker
  43. Kiss the person you love under the mistletoe
  44. Embrace wearing the ugly Christmas sweater in your wardrobe
  45. Learn how to knit and/or knit a scarf
  46. Do some volunteer work
  47. Donate a toy/present to a local Christmas gift drive for those in need
  48. Make, write and send your own Christmas cards
  49. Stay in PJ's all day
  50. Give a "secret" gift to someone
  51. Make indoor s'mores
  52. Make some handmade Christmas tree ornaments
  53. Make cookies and milk to leave outside for Santa on Christmas Eve
  54. Elf on the Shelf
  55. Have a Christmas countdown
  56. Have an advent calendar
  57. Give your kids (or partner) a new PJ on Christmas Eve
  58. Visit the library and borrow Christmas books (or movies/music)
  59. Get a Christmas manicure
  60. Rock red lipstick
  61. Enjoy peppermint and/or gingerbread lattes
  62. Create a Christmas playlist (music)
  63. Read by the Christmas tree
  64. Have a Christmassy bubble bath
  65. Host a Christmas movie night
  66. Make and drink wassail
  67. Make a hot chocolate bar
  68. Write a Christmas wishlist
  69. Wrap Christmas gifts
  70. Have an ugly sweater party
  71. Put up Christmas lights
  72. Shovel someone's driveway (if snow)
  73. Cut down your own Christmas tree
  74. Sleep in a cozy cabin
  75. Kiss someone at midnight
  76. Do an outdoor winter photoshoot
  77. Try a new soup recipe
  78. Buy a pair of fuzzy slippers
  79. Go through old photos
  80. Write a handwritten letter to a friend or familymember
  81. Catch snowflakes on your tongue
  82. Throw a game night
  83. Wear something that sparkles
  84. Pay it forward/do a random act of kindness
  85. Catch up with old friends at a café
  86. Get up early and have your breakfast at a café
  87. Sit by the fire and relax
  88. Make a gift for your  teacher(s)
  89. Visit old relatives (like grandparents)
  90. Donate old toys (and other things)
  91. Find a place with "proper" holiday cheer/spirit
  92. Donate to a non-profit in need
  93. Share a meal with someone who needs a friend during the holidays
  94. Celebrate Winter Solstice
  95. Have a date night with your partner (and WITHOUT the kids)
  96. Give your kids a Night Before Christmas Box
  97. Maybe you could start having a couple of Harry Potter inspired Christmas traditions
  98. Shop for stocking stuffers
  99. Dust off the formal attire and attend a Christmas symphony orchestra concert
  100. Visit a farm that has an "open day" with a Christmas theme

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