mandag 14. november 2016

Menu Plan Monday Week 46

Sometimes I feel that the time fly away so fast and we're already in the middle of November. It also happens to be my last week with lectures at university for the term (!) and next week I have the first of two exams. Yikes! Hopefully I'll pass them both, even though it's always a bit nerve wrecking.

With my normal "laziness" when it comes to dinners, here's my menu plan for the week. And as before, this blog post is written thanks to the weekly feature at the blog I'm an Organizing Junkie

Monday; Heinz Tomato Soup
Tuesday; Autumnal Stew
Wednesday; Leftovers
Thursday; Heinz Tomato Soup
Friday; Fish Fingers
Saturday; Pasta with Cheese Sauce
Sunday; Fish Gratin

Do you have a weekly menu plan and if so, what's your plan for the week?

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