tirsdag 10. oktober 2017

Making a Home; My Favourite Items From the IKEA and Hay Collab

I'm not going to deny that I'm a huge fan of IKEA and thoughout the years I have purchased quite a few items from there. Among other things, my lovely bright red desk is from that Swedish warehouse.

Recently IKEA launched a new collection, in which they had collaborated with the Danish designers behind HAY. After looking through this collection, I've gathered my favourites, which includes wooden items.

YPPERLIG table in ashYPPERLIG grey table in birchYPPERLIG blanketYPPERLIG bench in beechwoodYPPERLIG stool in beechwood and YPPERLIG pillowcase.

You can find the rest of the collection here. What is your favourites and do you have any plans on purchasing any items? Feel free to share below.

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