mandag 17. april 2017

Menu Plan Monday Week 16

It's a new Monday, which means a new Menu Plan Monday post, thanks to Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. Things are going to be slightly hectic this week, as on Thursday I'm attending a cooking course and on Friday I'm going to hand in my second draft of my BA thesis (phew). Luckily I'm not panicking too much, as I've got my thesis under control (or as much control as I can have).

Stock photo from Pexels
Regardless of chaos, I still need to eat, so here is my menu plan for this week.

Monday; Panko Breaded Cod Nuggets
Tuesday; Norwegian Meatballs
Wednesday; Leftovers from Tuesday
Thursday; The food I'll be cooking at the Malaysian Street Food With Tram course
Friday; Norwegian Fish Nuggets
Saturday; Leftovers from Friday
Sunday; Tomato Soup with Macaroni

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