tirsdag 25. april 2017

Making a Home; 30 Days to Domestic Bliss Challenge

A little while back I came across the 30 Days to Domestic Bliss Challenge at the blog The Decorista. As I'm into home decor et cetera, I became intrigued by the challenge, especially since it is pretty easy and straight forward. One day you might style up your shoes, another day you might frame and hang some art.

Even though it *might* be over 30 days since I discovered the challenge, I still have a few days I haven't done (*cough*), but hopefully Ashlina wouldn't get too mad at me, as I'm after all writing my BA thesis at the moment. I will finish the challenge though, so don't worry.

Here is by the way what I did for "Day 18" of the challenge, which was expressing myself with words. I found this pretty (and free) typography print online, printed + framed it and hung it on the wall in my entrance. It was something that I got done in less than 10 minutes and yet it says volumes.

Have you ever done a similar challenge or do you feel tempted to do the 30 days to domestic bliss challenge? Feel free to comment below.

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