tirsdag 7. mars 2017

Making a Home; Spring Cleaning

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It's spring and some of us might start to think a bit about spring cleaning. I can admit that even though I enjoy having a clean and tidy apartment, there is no kid in a candy store level of joy when it comes to the tidy up and cleaning process. My attitude is that there is a difference in enjoying the process and enjoying the result (though after the labour of doing the cleaning, the contentment is of course bigger).

I've already written a post about decluttering earlier and since I'm by no means a spring cleaning-expert, I wanted to share a couple of links that could potentially be helpful.

Here they come:
20 Things to Purge
The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist {FREE Printable!}
National Spring Clean Week
Spring Cleaning Your Apartment, It’s Time
Simplified Spring Cleaning
Spring Clean While Helping Others: Donating Your Yarn

Spring Cleaning

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