fredag 31. mars 2017

Friday Finds; Free Spring Art Prints

Over the years I've lived on my own, I have discovered that it doesn't take that much time, money and efford to do a wee bit of changes on the home decor front. One of the things that I sometimes do is to take advantage of free printables online that I print out and frame. If you happen to live close to an IKEA, I could recommend the FISKBO frames in A4-size that costs around NOK 25 (or around $ 3). Btw, IKEA has a lot of fun stuff in general and that store has rescued me more than once when I've needed something for my flat.

Stock photo from Pexels
What I wanted to share with you in this Friday Finds post is a few free spring art prints. Some of the links are round ups of spring art printables, while others have just one printable. So feel free to check out the links and see if you might find something you can hang up on the wall in order to decorate a bit for spring.

Do you know of any other places to find pretty spring art printables? Feel free to share below.

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