onsdag 15. mars 2017

Everyday Creative Activities and Well-Being

I am one of those long-time knitters who almost get a bit cranky if I don't get the chance to be creative one day, either it is by knitting, baking or cooking. Recently, it seems like researchers at University of Otago in New Zealand has discovered a link between everyday creative activities like knitting and baking, with well-being.

Stock photo from Pexels
During a recent study, the researchers found out that engaging in creative activities like cooking, baking, knitting, art etc lead to an increased well-being the next day. I would guess it is no surprise to those who us who love doing such activities, but when science backs it, we basically get an additional "legit" excuse to do it. At least I can verify it is something relaxing with the repetitive motions of knitting or baking, so I don't feel the need to meditate, as I've got my own version of it.

Even though meditation, working out and the "look good, feel good" might work for some, it might not work for everyone. What I wish is that more psychologists and therapy-centers would explore the option of either culinary therapy, craft therapy or a combination of both.

Have you ever thought about how creative outlets affect you? Do you have a special story about it?

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