mandag 24. oktober 2016

Menu Plan Monday Week 43

New week and therefore a new Menu Plan Monday post, thanks to I'm an Organizing Junkie. I'm one of those who enjoy being a bit organized and it really helps me when it comes to managing "everything" that needs to be done, considering I'm a student who live on my own (whether it's food, studies, lectures, errands, chores, you name it). I'm single and childless and find it sometimes a bit difficult, so I have to give moms out there a bit credit.

Anyway, here is my menu plan for the week.

Monday; Heinz Tomato Soup
Tuesday; Meatballs with pasta
Wednesday; Leftovers from Tuesday
Thursday; Heinz Tomato Soup
Friday; Fishfingers
Saturday; Pasta with Al Forno Sauce
Sunday; Salmon with Creme Fraiche and Mango Chutney

I can't deny the fact that some of those dinners sound a bit boring, but quite frankly, microwave dinners (like Heinz Tomato Soup) or leftovers basically save the day when I come home from lectures exhausted with a bit of lov blood sugar and need food NOW.

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