torsdag 6. september 2018

Time For An Autumn Bucket List

I really love autumn. There is something about the colder temperatures, crisp air, beautiful colours and darker nights that I find really pleasing. It's also the perfect time to curl up with a blanket, hot choclate and a good book without feeling guilty - especially if it's rainy and windy outside.

I've even written down my very own autum bucket list for this autumn. I'm unsure if I will manage to do them all, but I will nevertheless give it a shot. I love writing lists and ticking off stuff that I've done. I also love having goals and something fun to look forward to. Some of my goals are pretty simple, like make hot apple cider and hot cholate from scratch, while some are a bit more elaborate, like knit a scarf for Kirkens bymisjon (even though the pattern itself is pretty simple) and in general do some autumn crafts.

If you want some inspiration for writing your very own autumn bucket list, you could check out 100 Things To Do This AutumnFall Bucket List: 100 Things To Do In Fall and this Pinterest board.

Have you ever made an autumn bucket list? If so, what were some of your goals and did you accomplish them? Feel free to share below.

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