tirsdag 4. september 2018

Making a Home; How to Hang Wall Art

Wall art can be a bit tricky to hang from time to time. One issue is the space, which I can attest is true - I have way to many pieces of art, but I don't have enough wall space for them all.

What I did, was that I collected a few pieces that sort-of fitted together (at least when it comes to size) and hung them up above my bed where I also took into consideration the frames themselves, but also whether the artwork should be hanging horizontally or vertically.

I'm not going to write a long and over-kill elaborate post on how to hang wall art properly, so I want to give you a few heads-up with a few links you might want to check out.
Done in a Day: Salon Wall
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The Right Height to Hang Artwork and Mirrors – Tips and Ideas
How to Expertly Hang Art Paintings on Your Staircase Wall

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to hang art? Feel free to share below.

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