tirsdag 1. mai 2018

Making a Home; Growing Avocadoes and Garlic

Subconsciously I’ve been interested in the aspects of growing herbs, veggies and so on for a long time. I think it has a bit to do with the fact that I grew next door to my grandparents who had a small farm, with around 20 sheep and the same amount of egg-laying chickens. In addition to that, my grandparents also had two fields; one for strawberries and one for potatoes AND an apple orchard. As a kid, I do have recollections of helping collecting apples and potatoes in the autumn with several other family members and it is fond memories. When my grandparents were away, it was also often my duty to collect the eggs.

The farm is long gone, but as an adult I do like to grow my own stuff in a small scale. Thanks to Pinterest, I’m now keen on trying to new projects; garlic and avocadoes. The avocadoes are more for the fun of it though, as I like the look of the tree.

On the other hand, when it comes to garlic, it is because I use it a lot for cooking and I know I would probably save a few quid in the long run if I successfully manage to grow it myself.

Do you have any such fond memories from childhood? Or have you successfully managed to grow some vegetables or other edibles? Feel free to share below.

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