tirsdag 15. mai 2018

Making a Home 30 Days to Domestic Bliss Take Two

Way back I did the 30 Days to Domestic Bliss Challenge hosted by The Decorista. It didn’t quite go as according to plan (in other words, I’ve kind of forgot about it after a while), but I have decided to give it a new shot. The tasks in the challenge are simple enough, so that is not the issue fortunately.

The difference this time is that I want to hold myself accountable by posting a few updates on this blog. So hopefully by a month’s time, I’ve managed to complete the challenge.

In case you’re curious about this challenge, some of the tasks include making a meal, bring in the green, style up the coffee table and various types of decluttering. Honestly, I’m actually looking forward to do some of the tasks and for that matter, completing this challenge. I’ve also got some ideas and/or inspiration for a few of those tasks, even if it means me doing a bit of shopping, but thankfully I live within walking distance from a shopping centre, so it’s no big deal really.

Have you ever done such a challenge before or are you inspired to do one? Feel free to comment below.

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