fredag 10. november 2017

Friday Finds; Ready-Made Advent Calendars

(This post contains affiliate links)

Even though it is early November, it's time to think a little bit about advent calendars, especially if one is going to order online to make sure one gets it on time. Let's face it, some things are best to do a bit ahead. As an adult, I most of the time end up with either a tea or (slightly boring) chocolate advent calendar due to budget. That doesn't mean I don't look at the slightly more fancy and pricey ones, though.

Stock photo from Pexels
A little bit due to my dreaming of a more fancy advent calendar, I decided I could write a short round up of ready-made advent calendars for (mostly) grown ups if you want some inspiration.

Here is my list;
The Body Shop
Molton Brown
Whisky Advent Calendar
Scandinavian Speciality Coffee
Tea Advent Calendar
Organic Tea Advent Calendar

And here is two for the kids;
Kindness Christmas Countdown
Acts of Kindness printable Advent Calendar UK Version

It even exists an advent calendar for cats if you are in search for that.

Do you have an advent calendar, either for yourself, your partner or your kids? Feel free to comment below.

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