søndag 12. november 2017

Christmas Card Exchange

It's always nice to recieve something else than "just" bills in the mail. As it's soon(ish) Christmas, I wanted to do something for you readers. I decided that I wanted to create a Christmas card exchange.

In the form further down, you fill out the needed information, like address, how many cards you will be sending etc and after the deadline (Nov. 28th) I will go through the answers and hook you up. Please write in the form if you have any shipping restrictions and I will do my best to accomodate that. Also, don't worry, the information from the form will be solely for this card exchange and will be deleted afterwards.

Stock photo from Pexels
Just some quick rules;

  • Please send as many cards as you promise. No one likes being disappointed.
  • You're expected to purchase cards, stamps, etc yourself. Take that into account when considering how many people you will send Christmas cards to.
  • You have until November 28th to fill out this form. Afterwards I will figure out the puzzle as quickly as I can and give you the needed information to send your cards.
  • If you're under 18, you will need your parents permission to give out your home address. By sending the form, you will automatically claim to have that permission.
  • Most importantly; be nice and have fun.
  • If you can't write directly into the form below, please use this link.

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