torsdag 6. juli 2017

Thursday Movie Picks; Summer Vacation

It's a new Thursday, which means it's time for a ew Thursday Movie Picks post, thanks to the blogger behind Wandering Through The Shelves. The theme for this week is summer vacation. I might have bent it a little bit, but the picks are at least related to summer.

Zeus and Roxanne; A cute movie about the friendship between a dog and a dolphin.

Eat, Pray, Love; Sometimes we need to re-discover ourselves.

Dirty Dancing; Well, how can I write a list about summer vacation movies without mentioning this one?

1 kommentar:

  1. Zeus and Roxanne looks sweet but I'm scared that one or the other will die. I've watched many Disney films and so many died. I actually enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love more than I thought I would and I daydreamed I would do the same thing. Dirty Dancing is the film the week. I wish Patrick could have done so many musicals like back in the heyday but as for Baby...I just felt like slapping her, I mean, she goes by the name...Baby.