tirsdag 21. februar 2017

Making a Home; Norwegian Carnival (Fastelaven) Traditions

In Norway, we do have a tradition Sunday to Tuesday running up to the Catholic lent called Fastelaven. One of the main things that happens is carnivals at several kindergartens and schools (among other places) in the shape of fancy costumes and celebration.

That Sunday, it's also a tradition to bake and eat what is called Fastelavensboller (a type of bun with whipped cream). It's only eaten during this part of the year, and if you are interested in making it, here is a recipe.

Another common feature is the birch twigs decorated with feathers. They light up the home until Easter, and it was originally a old pagan tradition bringing birch twigs into the home to invite the smell of spring. At Julia's Bookbag and in this Instagram blog post you can see examples of it.

Did you find anything of the stuff I mentioned a bit inspiring to either eat or do?

Stock photo from Pexels

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