onsdag 8. februar 2017

Ideas for a Valentine's Day Date

It's soon Valentine's Day and if you're going on a date, but have no clue what to do on that date, I wanted to share a few ideas with you guys. I might add that there is no reason why you can't combine these ideas, or for that matter, use it as a general date idea list, as the year has over 364 other days, but since this month is February, I'm thinking about Valentine's Day.

Anyway, here is a few ideas. Some of them cost a bit of money, some are outdoors and some are at home, so you can pick and choose a bit, depending on what you like.

Trip to a museum or art gallery
Buy or make a kite and fly it on the beach (bonus if you catch sunrise/sunset)
Mini road trip
Board game night
Movie night
A twist on a restaurant date; instead of having a tree course dinner at one restaurant, go to one restaurant for the appertizer, one for the main and one for the dessert,
Go on a concert
Breakfast in bed
A hike in the forest or another nice spot for hiking
Bookstore hopping
Bar/pub crawl
Cooking course
Explosive Ceramics 101 if you're anywhere near Cape Town, South Africa
The Labin Coffee Tour if you're near London, UK
Coffee shop

(Photo credit; Pexels)

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